Mindfulness in the Continuing Pandemic

by Deborah Metzger

There is no doubt that the pandemic and subsequent lock-down has been a challenge for everyone. If the inconvenience of closing businesses is all that we have had to deal with we should count ourselves very fortunate. Unfortunately for many of us this year has been much more challenging.

And though there may be vaccines on the horizon, it looks like we may need to undergo another round of increasingly tight restrictions on gatherings and closing businesses. Despite our best efforts, the number of cases are steadily rising again and, if Europe is any indication, we will be locking down again before the holidays.

This time, however, we have a better idea of what to except and we can be more proactive in having plans and contingencies in place for if it happens.

Two things that can help are mindfulness and meditation. Both of these practices are great for stress reduction by bringing our awareness to the present and helping us shine light onto what we are feeling and why we are feeling it.

Often our expectations about the future feed into our stress far more than the conditions in the present. Though we should take actions to direct our futures in ways that we wish, we should not live in stressful futures that may never happen. Stoicism, Buddhism, and Yoga are just a few of the philosophies that train us to be mindful of the things that are under our control and to focus on them rather than the things that we cannot.

Now at Orchard Hill Center Health & Well-Being, many offerings are based on stress reduction, mindfulness, and being present in the now. Whether you are looking for a new philosophy or simply need a break from worry over the future, do check into what’s on the horizon. https://orchardhillcenter.com/health-wellbeing/

We encourage you to use these offerings to compliment your other exercise and nutrition efforts, as well as to reduce stress, meditate on the things that matter to you and to dive into understanding why you want what you do.

Next Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program starts soon.

Why take this program now? Here from a recent MBSR graduates:

“During the pandemic it seems that all my days have just been blending together. I have felt anxious, depressed, and like many others, I have missed socializing and meeting new people. Taking the MBSR course has helped me to be more “in the present” and aware of the good that is around me. Instead of just reacting and feeling anxious, I now have new tools to be at peace. I have learned to focus on the present instead of having my mind cluttered with the unknowns. I have also learned to be more patient and accepting of myself, with a more positive voice within me. The added bonus of taking this class is the group of new friends I have met and grown with during the 8-week course. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a chance to slow down, and for anyone that is feeling anxious, overwhelmed or lonely.” J.R.

“MBSR is an invaluable program to help you get centered. It enabled me to learn coping strategies for more emotions and feelings and eventually process them constructively. Our support group was wonderful, and all the discussions, exercises and meditations were very nurturing as we learnt better self-care and communication. Deborah and Serena are simply awesome teachers.” D.N.